Friday, January 29, 2010

Update # 4

Here is the news - an update on the Gray Locke series.

The last two short stories for the next book are coming along. I had to make some changes, of course, due to the timetable I have for the stories and the events surrounding one of them, (it'll make sense once you read them). All is well. I'm very excited about the new stories. :)

In regards to the interview I had with the Advocate, (mentioned in Update #3), it wasn't published. It was to be featured in their newly revamped "Family Beat" insert, (a quarterly extra). The "Family Beat" was revamped - but no feature. I can only assume that they have other plans for the interview. Maybe it'll be in their weekly edition? Maybe it'll be the next quarter edition of "Family Beat"? Maybe it won't be featured at all? I'll post answers to those questions when/if I find out. :)

I am considering releasing The Mystery of the Weeping Rocks as an audiobook. I hope to experiment with that this weekend.

No further readings, appearances or interviews are scheduled at this time. My focus is on the next book.

That's all for now.


~ Craig

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