Sunday, May 8, 2011

Interview with C.A. Chicoine, author of the Gray Locke series.

Author’s Dialogue: An interview with Visionary Fiction author C.A.Chicoine, by author Terre Britton.

TB: I am pleased to be joined today by the accomplished American writer Craig Chicoine—author of the Gray Locke series. Welcome, Craig. Please tell us about the Gray Locke series.

CAC: The Gray Locke series is a modern day hero’s journey, the intellectual and spiritual sort. Ten books are planned, each representing a turning point in Gray’s life. The reader will be able to watch the characters develop and grow over several stories, before coming to the final book in the series, where Gray will perform his heroic deed, completing the hero-cycle.

The series begins with the lead character, Grayson Locke, at the age of ten. In the first book, The Mystery of the Weeping Rocks, the reader learns firsthand about Gray’s wild imagination as he goes about investigating what weeping rocks are during his summer vacation at his grandparent’s house. This is a chapter book ideal for children 7-11 years old. It’s more or less an introduction to the character. However, there is something of great significance that occurs in this story that is expanded upon and further developed in the following books.

The second book, The Witch of Clover Hill, takes place the following autumn at his house. This book is ideal for children 9-12 years old. In this story, much more is revealed about the character and his extraordinary set of circumstances.

The next book, Giants of the Vale, takes place back at his grandparent’s. Gray is thirteen years old in this story. I am currently working on this story, as well as the next one. Obviously, I’ll not be covering every year of his life over ten books. But I hope to select the points in his life that best illustrate what influenced him to make the choices and decisions he’d later make in the final story.

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